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Since the election I’ve written several essays expressing my concern that the new Republican administration represents a threat to our country’s liberal democratic principles. From hate language, encouraging violence at political rallies, and threatening to imprison political opponents, all of which authoritarian leaders participate in.

Now there is even greater concern that our country is threatened by the current occupant of the White House. With the firing of FBI director James Comey, many questions arise including this one: Will this Republican administration use the powers of the office to try to weaken if not destroy the other two branches of government?

Our nation was founded with three co-equal branches of government designed to check one another. The concentration of power is both seductive and destructive. The men who wrote our founding documents knew this.

The system was created so that no branch of government would have ultimate power. No man or woman is above the law.
If it is the aim of the White House to manipulate elections and create a dictatorial-type government, they will need the backing of both the military and police as is done in any country that suffers under authoritarian government. Is this what comes next?

These words are difficult to write. But what is the next step for the current occupant who fired the man leading an investigation on whether or not he – because of his connections with Russia – is a traitor to the United States of America?

During the Constitutional crisis in the early 1970s created by the crimes committed by President Richard Nixon, the foundational aspects of our government held. A peaceful resolution was achieved through the threat of forcing Nixon out of office through an impeachment trial. He resigned in August 1974.

Some members of Nixon’s Republican Party, including U. S. Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, met with the president to tell him he had lost support within his own party.

Today maybe we will be led by another U. S. senator from Arizona, John McCain. Republicans hold the majorities in both houses.
Democrats are calling for an independent counsel to investigate possible crimes committed by the current occupant.

This will only happen when a few Republicans, we only need a few, put country over party.