We encourage all citizens to participate in local government by monitoring activity, attending meetings, speaking with representatives and expressing their ideas and opinions.

Blue Dot Local Government Action Teams are now forming for County Commission, School Board, Fayetteville City Council, Peachtree City City Council, and Tyrone Town Council. Team members commit to participating in local government by monitoring and attending government meetings, alerting other Fayette Democrats about the proceedings, and speaking out on behalf of Democratic and progressive interests during Public Comment.

If you are interested in being a part of a Blue Dot Local Government Action Team visit https://www.memberplanet.com/s/fayettedems/bluedotactionteam or click on the Blue Dot logo above.

Team Captains help coordinate the teams, collect feedback for the FCDC and FDW newsletters, and coordinate any collective actions on hot topics. If you are interested in being a Team Captain please indicate on the response form or email chair@fayettedems.org


  • Make sure Team Members know of meetings and agendas
  • Encourage participation and presence at every meeting
  • Collect team reactions and distill for newsletter/present at Pancakes and Politics
  • Coordinate public comment of official FCDC position (if any)

Team Members:

  • Become informed and influential citizens
  • Provide a public presence for the Democratic Committee and Progressive Causes (wear a button or t-shirt)
  • Provide crucial information on local government to Fayette Democrats
  • Provide support for Democratic elected officials
  • (Remember, we encourage participation in providing public comments during meetings. Please be sure to indicate that any opinions you are expressing are your own unless you have been given a official written FCDC position to present)