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Update: 3/27

I know we are all a little relieved about the outcome of last week, but be assured, it’s not over and the battle will continue, just in a different form, so stay aware.
In the meantime, there is buzz about Single Payer, Medicare for All and the Public Option.
Tomorrow’s discussion will be about Single Payer with Jack Bernard, who has been advocating for Single Payer for 30+ years.
Congressman Hank Johnson will be joining us on the 10th to give us a Legislative update and what is happening in Washington and our role.
Currently, our speaker schedule is:
March 23  Jack Bernard – History, ACA vs AHCA  Done
March 28  Jack Bernard – Single Payer, Medicare for All
April 10  Congressman Hank Johnson – House Bill Legislative update on the AHCA
TBA       Hope to announce soon
We will be having our first on-site meeting of the caucus to discuss by-laws,  develop a mission statement, activism, strategy, etc in Atlanta.  Time and place will be discussed during an upcoming call.  If you would like to participate in the development of the caucus, let me know.
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