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We need you to help raise the volume on campus carry.  We need the Judiciary committee members, Senate leadership, and indeed the whole Senate to hear from you that Georgians do not want this bill and are angry that it is being pushed again despite Governor Deal’s veto.

Perhaps most importantly, we need you to call or write Governor Deal, thank him for vetoing campus carry last year and urge him to stay strong on this issue in 2017! He made the right choice and should not be bullied into changing his mind because of some extremists and the gun manufacturers’ lobby.  Thank him for his good sense in recognizing that guns are the last thing that’s needed on college campuses.

Governor Deal:

Office of the Governor
206 Washington Street
111 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Email – click here: https://gov.georgia.gov/webform/contact-governor-domestic-form

Senate Republican Judiciary Committee Members:

Jesse Stone, Chairman, Waynesboro (404) 463-1314jesse.stone@senate.ga.gov

Bill Cowsert, Vice-Chairman (Also on Reapportionment) (Republican, Athens) (404) 463-1366bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov

Blake Tillery, Vidalia (404) 656-0089blake.tillery@senate.ga.gov

Hunter Hill (Also on Reapportionment) (404) 463-2518hunter.hill@senate.ga.gov

John F. Kennedy, Macon (404) 656-0045john.kennedy@senate.ga.gov

Greg Kirk, Americus (404) 463-5258greg.kirk@senate.ga.gov

William T. Ligon Jr. (Also Vice-Chairman of Reapportionment) (404) 463-1383william.ligon@senate.ga.gov

Josh McKoon, Columbus (404) 463-3931jrm2016@yahoo.com

Other leaders to call on Campus Carry:
David Shafer (Republican, Duluth) (404) 656-0048david.shafer@senate.ga.gov

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle: (404) 656-5030

Senate Republican Whip Steve Gooch, Dahlonega: (404) 656-9221steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov